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Hello There!

If you’ve opened this link, that likely means you have received admission to the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. If yes, a big CONGRATULATIONS from us all. This form is for the prospective students from India or having an Indian Origin joining UNC Charlotte, as an application to join the official WhatsApp groups managed by Triveni ISA at UNCC. The groups are run by students, for students, and they are invite-only to make sure we have streamlined exchange of information in the groups and only students with admit are added, so we can help answer your concerns to our best extents.

Submission Guidelines

  1. All fields are mandatory unless marked optional.
  2. First Name & Last Name should be as mentioned in your passport / I-20 form. Middle Name is optional but recommended if you have a very common name.
  3. You are required to submit a phone number on which you have a WhatsApp account with the country code prefix.
    eg: +91-9898xxxxxx or +1-980xxxxxxx
  4. You are required to attach a copy or screenshot of your admit letter which you will have received in an email from UNCC. Please note, this is the admission letter and not your I-20 Form. Accepted formats are PDF, JPG & PNG, with File Size below 10 MB.
  5. Details on how to get access to your UNCC Email Address & your UNCC 800 Number will be in your admit letter.
  6. Your details are directly emailed to us and not stored on the website, to minimize the risks of information loss. You will receive an acknowledgment copy of the email as well, and you can reply to that email for further questions.\
  7. Please wait for 48 business hours after submitting a request, for the team to process it and add you to the group.
  8. You agree to the terms and conditions mentioned below by submitting this form.
Terms and Conditions
  1. Your acceptance to the groups is subject to approval by the admins after the validation of your admit letter.
  2. Triveni ISA Team bears no responsibility for missing or incomplete data submitted by you causing the rejection of your application.
  3. Triveni ISA Team does not share your personal information with anyone else but the core team, and to our central database for recordkeeping.
  4. The team bears no responsibility for loss of data caused due to unforeseen incidents
  5. You agree to maintain the decorum of the group once you become a part of it.
  6. Joining the official groups is not a grant of Triveni ISA membership, but a means to get that.
  7. Read the full privacy policy here.

    All fields are mandatory unless marked optional.

    Consent (Required):

    For any questions, email

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